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Mbula is a technology-based firm that focuses on uncovering a digital connected-world, -people, -devices and -cloud-based platforms and bring it to life.

Our technology innovation lab portfolio:

      REAH C9x AI - commercial
      REAH-C9 - commercial
      Reah App - commercial
      Future Coding - commercial
      Y Business of Tech - commercial
      FeelUp - development
      CurrencyOne - development
      VunaSociety - prototype

Gauteng Premiers Service Excellence Award, 2020:

Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa Tech Week, Tech StartUp Award, 2024:

Cape Town, South Africa

We are here to create a better future

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Shape your firm's innovation strategy

Industry 4.0, digital transformation and innovation are hot topics and without a doubt, there is a hype phenomenon. Now, to get the most out of this hype, firms need to get a pulse on the changing market and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Why work with us?

We offer an unbiased assessment of your current innovation management and share our innovation 'know-how' to help firms to execute innovation projects.


Incubation Management System training, 2020, Pretoria, South Africa.

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Trusted by leading technology firms in Southèrn Africa.

We collaborate with our partners in the technology and digital sector to drive innovation agenda that makes them better able to meet their current business needs and prepare to disrupt the future.

In the past 3 years, Mbula has assisted leading firms in South Africa to formulate innovation strategy, develop internal innovation capabilities, groom tech talent and execute innovation projects.

We build persuasive innovation strategies

Before we start with an innovation projects, we seek clarity, understand the appetite level of innovation and strategic position of the company

In this way, we can review and create a persuasive approach and systematic way of managing innovation to discover, explore, develop and launch effective solutions.

  • Open Innovation System
  • Innovation Challenges
  • Technology Investment

  • ...

    Oracle Developer Live-Java virtual online session, 2020: Johannesburg, South Africa

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    Creating one startup at a time

    Mbula Founded

    Mar 2012

    Entity Registered

    Jan 2015

    Ventures Created

    Future Coding , 2017
    Reah App, 2019
    Y Business of Tech , 2019
    REAH-C9 , 2020
    Mirror Learning , 2022

    Jobs Created

    3 x part-time
    1 x permanent
    6 x interns
    4 x interns
    5 x workplace experience
    7 x interns
    3 x workplace experience
    2 x permanent
    8 x interns
    2 x workplace experience
    3 x permanent
    10 x interns
    1 x workplace experience

    Innovation Advisory

    2 x Tech firm & Fund Manager, 2016
    3 x Tech Firm, Telecom & Funder Manager, 2017
    1 x Tech firm, 2018
    1 x Tech firm, 2019/20

    Start-up Support

    3 x Product development, 2015
    2 x Funding, 2016
    3 x Mentorship, 2017