About us

We call ourselves Mbula which mean ‘uncover’ because we believe everything that must be connected is CONNECTED. Now it is the time to 'uncover' innovative and digital connected-world, -people, -devices and -cloud-based platform and bring it to life.

Mbula is also one of the leading innovation advisory in Innovation Management in South Africa.

Want to know more?

You are very welcome to visit Mbula Innovation Lab, we are based in City of Tshwane, Lynnwood, South Africa.

    4 Reasons Why We exist.


Innovation Advisory

We ignite corporate innovation culture, review and create systematic way of managing innovations.


Technology Scouting

Together, we explore new ways of finding innovations through open innovation that aligns with firm's vision.


Research & Development

Since 2012, we been investing in the development of cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, Animation, Fintech and Big Data.


Future Coding - ICT Skills

A technology space for young, DEAF and marginalized people to learn, create and accelerate digital opportunities.

We are proud to have worked with leading firms.

Mbula Social

Our social responsibility,is in a spirit of introducing innovation habits at an early age particularly learners from under-resourced school.

We believe the introduction of coding and robotics at schools will advance the course of solving challenges faced by communities such as water, health, energy, food, education.